Chiang Mai is the city which presents culture diversity in Thailand. It is a great challenge
that the city to be a part of creative city network for becoming a UNESCO Creative City of
Craft and Folk Art. Therefore, to achieve the standard of UNESCO, the city has to employ
the driven concept that illustrates 7 ways of preparedness as follows:
1. Making all sectors to understand the concept by enhancing attitude and listening to
all opinions.
2. Supporting, researching, and learning the inherited craft and folk art in terms of
industry, innovation, and sustainable development.
3. Creating strategy of locality and environment for supporting works of craft and folk
4. Building a creative space and complement in the city which influences to the craft
and folk art conservation and inheritance.
5. Promoting the prominent things of the city, building a museum which presents craft
and folk art with creativeness. Being a host which relates to the local, national, and
international event.
6. Being prepared in terms of academic personnel, material, and creative supportive
7. Cooperation among government, business, academia, and public sector.