How can Chiang Mai join UNESCO creative cities network

Interested city can submit an application containing the appropriate city information and city
links for getting into that type of network. The application must include one contact person
and team management consisting of 3 to 4 people who represents the public, private, and
people who has the ability to drive creative city initiatives. It must cover (Most completed) a
description of the city in terms of socioeconomic and cultural contexts. Besides, a brief
overview of the selected field and the extension of the city offering in that field must be

Further information and application form:

The proposal can be done by the city authority or the municipal service which responsible
for sustainable local creative economy.

The selection of being a creative city by UNESCO
The National Commission on Science and Culture Education of the United Nations will be
required for the priority opinion. After the approval, the application file will be reconsidered
by the expert team established in collaboration with a non-governmental organization. The
commission will advise the Director-General of the UNESCO on the final decision.

The city will be named as follow:

• UNESCO the city of literature/ film/music/craft and folk arts/design/cuisine/art
• The city will be entitled to use the name and the logo of an organization under
the terms and condition of the UNESCO’s graphic charter.

Primary rules of being a creative craft and folk art city that considered by UNESCO as
• The local government agency has to determine strategy and policy, including
budget allocation for creative city supporting.
• The city has to creatively drive the urban environment and entirely cultural
• There must be a participation of relevant sectors which are private sector,
business, and community.
• The allocation of the local area for being a stage of public creativity must be
• The city has an experience of being a creative activities host in both domestic
and international scale.
• There must be a participation of education session for creative city supporting
such as instruction and research.
• The city has to give priority to local materials and local environment or nature.

The procedure of component developing of creative city making
• The study of cultural identity investigates and admires city identity in the context
of multiculturalism. Also, it supports idea interaction and exchanging which build
co-operative network for helping cultural exchanging, and next generation

• The assemblage of talented / creative entrepreneur is about to gather people
with creativity in the assimilation of culture and folk wisdom, together with
technology, tradition, and business management. It leads to job opportunity and
purchasing power which is a mechanism for economic growth.

The construction of space and facilities builds sufficient and qualified creative

space, including other facilities to create an environment which is productive for
creativity. Moreover, to produce young thinkers and creative businesses.