Wood Carving

Wood carving

is a local art of Lanna people, which has been practiced and passed on from one generation to another for a long period of time. In the past, most wood carving art works were involved with Buddhism-related constructions, as well as household decorative items and petty utensils. However, at present, wood carving has been changed in terms of forms. Thus, they have become commercial art works by dint of great demands in markets. As a result, forms of wood carving works are changed from the ones based on faith in Buddhism such as motifs and decorative items in Buddhist monasteries to the works that respond to market needs or become more contemporary. Sources of Wood Carving Works The biggest hub wood carving works in the upper northern region of Thailand is Chiang Mai Province. Sources of word carving works spread among districts of Chiang Mai, with the following communities being the significant ones.

Ban Thawai Wood Carving Group, Hang Dong District Ban Thawai is an important tourist destination of Chiang Mai. Located in Ban Khun Khong Sub-district, Chiang Mai Province, this community presently becomes a famous production hub and marketplace for wood carving products. Works from Ban Thawai are carved from teak wood and other types of wood into the forms of animals such as elephants, horses and Thai mythical lions (Singha), as well as Buddha images, images of deities, utensils, furniture and decorative items for buildings. Wood Carving Groups, San Pa Tong District In San Pa Tong District, there are many sources of wood carving products in several villages, with the main groups being Ban Kieu Lae Noi Village and Ban Kieu Lae Luang Village. Most products from San Pa Tong District are images of elephants and animals, and carved teakwood panels to depict natural scenes, and certain types of furniture. Wood Carving Groups, Doi Saket District In Doi Saket District, sources of wood carving works are several villages such as Ban Pa Yang Village, Ban San Ton Mamuang Village and Ban San Pu Loei Village. Products from the aforementioned villages are furniture such as cupboards, tables, chairs, beds and small beds. Wood Carving Group, San Kamphaeng District The community in San Kamphaeng District is an important source of word carving works of Chiang Mai Province. Most products from this source are contemporary art works carved from teakwood panels in different forms of elephants and other animals in various styles.