The two types of metal products that are found in Chiang Mai Province are silverware and brassware products. Sources of Silverware Products in Chiang Mai Province are two communities, namely, Ban Wua Lai Village and Ban Si Suphan Village, which are big silverware product manufacturing sources of Chiang Mai Province. In the past, Ban Wua Lai Village and Ban Si Suphan Village made Salung (bowls) as their main products. At present, apart from Salung or bowls, they made trays, compact cases, betel boxes, betel sets and body accessories. The motifs on silver Salung (solver bowls) from Ban Wua Lai Village have unique features and are considered as local motifs of Chiang Mai Province. In addition, there is another community in Chiang Mai Province that manufactures silverware products. This community is ‘Ban Mae Yoi’ Village. Located afar from the city, this small silverware manufacturing hub is not well-known. Silverware manufacturing technique of Ban Mae Yoi Village is the technique that has been passed on since the ancient time. Originally, villagers made silverware products for using in their households, donating to temples and selling to customers from nearby communities. Most silverware products from Ban Mae Yoi Village are bowls or Salung which are similar to Burmese Salung produced in Ban Wua Lai Village, but Salung of Ban Mae Yoi Village have covers. The unique motifs of Ban Mae Yoi Village are collectively called ‘Mae Yoi’ motifs which have been created and named after the village. Brassware Products which Lanna people called ‘Khua Tong’ are a type of handicrafts that are beautiful. Lanna people do not use brassware products so much. Generally, brassware products or Khua Tong are used for decorating monasteries. The only source of brassware manufacturing in Chiang Mai Province is Wat Phuak Taem Community, Mueang District, which has been the craftsman community since the ancient time. Currently, this village still produces brassware products or Khua Tong that are Buddhist arts used for decorating buildings and monasteries, and handicrafts such as silvery and golden flowers, parasols and canopies. Also, brassware works are also made as accessories for decorating dancer heads in nail dance performances.