Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai,

a province located in the northern part of Thailand. Its area is about
20,107 km2 that represents the second largest province with the fifth largest population city-
around 960,906 people which live in urban and suburb- of Thailand. The northern boundary
of Chiang Mai is connected to Shan state of Myanmar. This city is divided into 25 districts;
Mueng Chiang Mai is the center of administration. In 2009, Kallayaniwattana District was
established as the 25 th district of the city, and the 878th of the country.
Chiang Mai and Lanna civilization have been inherited along the historical period.
According to Chiang Mai is the city that exists over 721 years, its civilization has been
changed due to time and rehabilitated in many reign. However, it is not the isolated
developed city, but also related to chronicle and development in Lanna history, with being
a part of the history of Siam or Thailand, Asia.
Monuments and historical places that represent identity and spirit of the city had
been destroyed in the war. So, it had to be restored in the post-war period and the
processor of the renovation was the king of Lanna who brimmed with a spirit of traditional
Nowadays, the advancement of science and education of the West is accepted as
the most important instrument which helps the city and citizen development. The current
Chiang Mai population is over 1,600,000 (from the official population survey). 172,000 people
live in the urban and 80% is native born. Also, they speak in Lanna dialect or “Kum mueng”
and believe in Lanna Buddhism.