Chiang Mai creative city of Crafts and Folk Art

Chiang Mai consists of many significant identities. For example, Doi Suthep which is
surrounded by the fertile forest, Ping River that gets along with the landscape of the city,
and the living environment and residential area which built by belief and faith of the
ancestors. The most outstanding memorable identities of Chiang Mai are art and culture.
These significances refer to an inheritance and accumulated knowledge passing down from
generation to generation, which indicate to the many years prosperity of art and culture in
this area. Moreover, these things also reflect a form of coexistence that consist a pattern of
domination and history, the environment for a public, and the building landscape is
produced through social interaction and 2 dimensions of community culture; inside and
outside of the downtown. So, each society always contains their own culture and receives
from others, then adapts it to fit their way of life, this is a process and relationship.
In the past, a way of life of the people in Chiang Mai was related to a merit making.
About Buddhist, there were 2 kinds of society (1) Kingdom Society was a merit making of
secularism in the hierarchy -King, the governor, nobility, and general people- such as land
offering, building, temple renovating, and Buddha sculpture building. (2) Buddhist Society
was a making merit of monk in term of duty management, it was about Pali teaching, Poem
and story composing, Bai Lan scripture writing, Pab Sa, and any kind of crafts. Besides, the

belief of ghost, spirit, norm, and birth-dead tradition also influenced to the living way of
people in that time

Chiang Mai becomes a fertile culture city with its history over 721 years. This cultural
resource supports the potential and enhances this city to be a creative city of crafts and folk
art, with the complement of art and culture, tradition, identity, and diverse folk wisdom that
relates to people and their lives, and others accumulated activities. All of this implies to an
asset for the creating. In addition, it contains a story and knowledge to learn and apply for
lifestyle in the present and the sustainable future.