“Tree of Life”

International design in contemporary crafts
Exhibition in Thailand

*** During the exhibition, a workshop session will be held with international craft specialists. Participants will have the opportunity to learn new techniques, exchange ideas and share experiences. ***

For those interested in participating in the workshop, general and contact information can be found at the CMCCFA Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ChiangmaiCCFA

The Tree of Life Exhibition was organized in order to disseminate and enrich knowledge of Sala crafts throughout the Asia Pacific, through direct participation with international craft groups, and to fulfil objectives of UNESCO of creating a hub for the exchange of knowledge and skills. The exhibition was previously held in Taiwan and will next be hosted in Thailand before heading to the Queen Ashi Jetsun Pema Wangchuck Museum of Textiles in Bhutan. Chiang Mai is a member of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network, possessing unique local crafts and cultural arts like those exhibited at this event. The Tree of Life Exhibition, in collaboration with Chiang Mai University and the Chiang Mai Provincial Administrative Organization, is part of the overarching goal of developing an international creative crafts network.

The Tree of Life Exhibition aims to raise awareness of ecology and sustainable development, and has been hosted in various locations across the globe, including India, Hawaii, Vancouver in Canada, Taiwan, and, this year, Thailand. Sample pieces from the UNESCO Creative Cities Network – Crafts and Folk Art are presented to illustrate the local crafting techniques of different nations, including India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines, Bhutan, Japan, China, Australia, Iran, Mexico, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan, to name a few. The works capture the identities of their homelands, demonstrate the use of local materials, including various fibres, lacquerware, metals, wood, bamboo, and ceramics, and illustrate the techniques and skills of locals artisans through designs which reflect their origin, like the Tree of Life, and crafts which express a unique identity.

The Tree of Life Exhibition is an assembly of crafts originating from many countries, and was first conceived by Mr. Edric Ong of the Advisory Committee for the World Craft Council – Asia Pacific Region (WCC – APR), from Malysia, and Ms. Manjari Nirula, Senior Vice President of the World Craft Council – Asia Pacific Region (WCC – APR), from the Republic of India, both of whom are senior curators at the World Craft Council. This year, in 2019, Thailand received an invitation from the WCC – APR to co-host both the World Craft Council Meeting and Tree of Life Exhibition in the city of Chiang Mai, a member of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network – Crafts and Folk Art. The hosting of these two events in Chiang Mai will contribute significantly towards both developing a world-wide creative crafts network and promoting and publicizing the city.